Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

For Arizona Tax Payers Only

Individuals who pay income taxes to the state of Arizona can redirect their tax dollars to benefit many worthwhile charitable organizations throughout the state of Arizona through various Charitable Tax Credits. SandRuby Community Fund, a member of the Handmaker family of services, is a charitable organization that is qualified to accept these contributions. Charitable Tax Credits differ from income tax deductions because they are fully refundable. They will either reduce the total personal Arizona state income tax you owe or increase the Arizona state income tax refund you receive, dollar-for-dollar. If the total credit earned is greater than the total tax owed this year, the remaining unused credit can be applied to future Arizona state tax returns for up to five years.

Don't forget! The contribution amount allowed has been doubled. Individuals filing single can now contribute up to $400 and couples filing jointly can now contribute up to $800. Doubling the amount of the contribution will have a huge impact on Handmaker's customized individual adult community programs in our new 6.000 square foot facility. Our SandRuby Community Programs meet the needs of our community by providing stimulating programs and activities that help older adults with physical and cognitive challenges develop and retain social and independent living skills.

$400 Max For Individuals $800 Max for Couples Other
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